The cleaning process really depends on the type of duct system you have. Doing a walk through of the home and evaluating the location of the furnace and ducting is very important. Some companies may clean everything from the basement. Although with homes that have finished basements it is not always possible to access everything, which would require the duct cleaner to go through each individual vent throughout your home. Metal plates and 1" plugs on your ductwork is usually an indication that the system has been cleaned. After doing a walk through of the home we will bring in equipment we feel would get the job done best. Hooking up a powerful vacuum to the main trunk line and putting the system under negative pressure is always the preferred method to ensure the best results. When that is not an option, using a contact cleaning method and attacking the system directly will also get the job done. Showing before and after pictures to the customer is critical to prove all debris and hazardous material was removed from the system. A thorough duct cleaning should take at least 3 hours, unless you only need certain parts of the system cleaned. Sanitation is not always necessary unless you have evidence of mold growth or critters that have gotten inside the duct system. After all work is completed we will show the customer what was done, answering any questions or concerns they may have.