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 Here at Mirror Ducts, we specialize in residential air duct and dryer vent cleaning. I hold a mechanical license in ductwork and follow all duct construction standards. Michigan Mechanical Code, SMACNA duct construction standards, and ACCA residential duct design. It is important to ask any duct cleaner making alterations/cut-ins into your ductwork if they are licensed. A NADCA certification does not allow you to make alterations to ductwork in Michigan without a mechanical license.

 What is great about Mirror Ducts is, we have the option to use contact cleaning methods and also put your system under negative pressure. Different systems may require diefferet cleaning methods, and we have the equipment to get the job done properly. We take our time, and show each customer before and after pictures of all of their ductwork. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We guarantee to leave every customer with a smile on their face.

 Sometimes homeowners wonder if air duct cleaning is necessary, in some homes no, in most homes yes. Even newer homes have left over construction debris in the ductwork. You can trust at Mirror Ducts, we will be sure to tell you if your home or business will benefit from our services.

 There are plenty of benefits from air duct cleaning:

* Increased System Efficiency 

* Reduced Dust Mites 

* Helps Reduce Allergy Related Symptoms 

* Less Dust In Home

* Better Indoor Air Quality 

* Elimination Of Foul Odors 

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